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Welcome to my Sales Journal. I'm a broke college student and it doesn't help when I have some expensive hobbies/ interests as well.

Please I beg you to read everything on this page carefully, I'll admit this is my first time doing it and I'll probably change things as time goes on.

First of all INQUIRIES:
If you are serious about ordering, not thinking about or tossing around the idea but SERIOUSLY considering ordering from me then leave a comment in the following manner:

Items you want

zip code (currently I'm only shipping with in the U.S)

I'll respond to you within 24 hours and then discuss.

I will not ship off anything until I have received payment first!
I only take paypal, Buyer must pay paypal fees.
I am WILLING to trade, however you MUST read my 'Looking for' entry and see if anything I want that you might have to trade.
, in the listings for each item I will list any slight default in their condition, So you know exactly what you are getting.
All of these items are coming from and Pet and Smoke free home
I will give an invoice if asked

I will ship all items on a Friday, it's the only time I can make it to the post office to mail off anything. I will get a tracking number for all orders and email them to you to confirm that the shipment has been sent. Once the item leaves me, I hold no responsibility for it. If a trade has been agreed upon I will not ship until I have confirmation that the items I have asked for have been shipped be it a tracking number or even a receipt from the post office saying it has been sent.
I am shipping from Bay Area, California

Please leave me feed back on my Feedback entry and I will happily leave you feedback as well. If you need to see my record of feedback as a seller I will provide my ebay and amazon feedback because I buy and sell from there as well.
Strawberry Sweets

Feed Back

If you would like to see feedback on myself as a buyer or seller I am happy to oblige, just email me and I will send you the information.

Other than that please leave feed back here in separate comments, filling in the title bar with the date and what you ordered, in comments list what ever you wish, good, bad, neutral. Comments on how I can improve are always welcomed but please no flames?
Or you can leave feedback on My Loligoth page