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Items for sale (Feb 28, 10)


Trinity Blood vol.1
notes: inside pamphlet is missing, Dvd though is in perfect condition, no fingerprints, smudges or scratches)
7.50 USD

Tenjo Tenge vol.1
notes: perfect condition, everything is still there (sample manga, pencil board, etc)
20.00 USD


Prince of Tennis plush
note: this was given to me a while back, he's in great condition
10.00 USD


Unknown title (if you can tell me that would be great!)
Alphonse x Edward (FMA)
notes: given to me by a friend who didn't realize it was a BL doujin, plastic cover is missing
7.00 USD

Beloved: The little dog of an army
flying & Yu-ki Uehara
Roy x Edward (FMA)
notes: great condition, only wear is on the tips, plastic cover is missing

Red Angel
Haruka Kamimori
General (Final Fantasy 7)
Notes: Great condition, plastic cover is missing

English Manga

(Old) Peach Girl vol: 1& 6
notes: good condition, little wear
3.00 USD for one or 5.00 for both

Metamo Kiss vol. 1
notes: slight crease on back cover
5.00 USD

O-Parts Hunter vol.3
notes: new, bought but never read.
8.00 USD

Peach Girl: Change of Heart vol.5
Notes: Duplicate, Great Condition

Japanese Manga

Lovely Phantom (BL)
notes: read once, great condition
5.00 USD

Slayers Special vol.1
Notes: good condition, given to me by a friend
2.50 USD

Fushigi Yugi (Mysterious Play)Vol.3 (Full Version)
Notes: great condition, never read
5.00 USD

The Vision of Escaflone: Film book vol.1
Notes: Great condition
3.50 USD

Chinese Manga:

Peach Girl vol.17
Notes: great condition, little wear
2.50 USD

Pita-ten vol.8
Notes: Good condition, slightly bent cover
2.50 USD

Angel Dust Neo vol.1
Notes: great condition
3.50 USD


Gackt: Requiem et Reminiscence Tour Book
Notes: Great condition, cover is a little dirty but the pages are crisp, clean and perfect
20.00 USD

Tenchi Muyo Art Book Vol.2
Notes: Given to me, Great condition contains art from later episodes from the OVA
20.00 USD

Tenchi Muyo in Love Works
Notes: it's not actually a program but all the character designs and such for the movie. Lovely Condition
10.00 USD

Be Forever Yamato Artbook
Notes: given to me...even though I never heard of the series, I'd rather give it to a better home
Make me an Offer

Newtype: Newtyler
Notes: Japanese Newtype about Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Make me an Offer

Newtype feat. Macross Beat
Notes: given to me, Japanese version
Make me an Offer

Animate feat. Magical Knights Rayearth
Notes: Japanese Animate, given to me
Make me an offer

Random Anime Magazine feat. Ah Megmi-Sama/ Ah! My Goddess
Notes: given to me
make me an offer

Random Anime Magazine
Notes: another one given to me
make me an offer

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (PSP)
Notes: Great condition, used only once

Pokemon Yellow
Notes: Good condition, another duplicate I own
Price: 10.00 USD / OBO

Advance Wars
Notes: Good Condition
10.00 USD/ OBO

Pokemon Pikachu
Notes: I really didn't want to let this go, it's virtually an antique and I love Pikachu but I'm strapped for cash obviously
never opened from container, which has started to degrade because of all the years. Still never opened or used
35.00 USD/OBO

Full Metal Alchemist Mini Mouse Pad
Notes: Great Condition. Never used
5.00 USD

Tokyopop Gothic & Lolita Bible Spring '09
Wedding Edition
Notes: Brand new, never been read, patterns and pages untouched (I had accidentally received two copies)
20.00 USD

Emily the Strange 'Problem Child' Tee
Notes: Fits S-M, Lightly used. No damages
15.00 USD

Multicoloured Scarf
Notes: VERY long scarf, not to my taste so never worn
8.50 USD

Limited Edition Hazelnut Truffle Body Spray by Victoria's Secret
Notes: Limited Edition, Never been used.
15.00 USD
Tags: anime, bl, doujinshi, dsi case, final fantasy advent children, fullmetal alchemist, g&l bible, gackt, games emily stange, manga, plush, pokemon, slayers, tenchi muyo, victoria's secret
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10 years ago

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Re: Red Angel


10 years ago

what does the other side of the css shitajiki look like?
Hey there, sorry for the late reply (I was out)
this is the back of the CCS shitajiki

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Hey there, I'm willing to take it, can I get your zip code so I can figure out how much it'll be to post?

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10 years ago

would you trade the dsi case, the sakura pencil board and the pink princess knight comb for anything in my journal?
Actually do you think I could trade for one of those adorable sweet packs?
yes of course , luckily i only have one left C:
will you trade all the items i listed for one ?
i can throw in any items from here if you'd like.


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10 years ago


10 years ago