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Items for sale (Feb 28, 10)


Trinity Blood vol.1
notes: inside pamphlet is missing, Dvd though is in perfect condition, no fingerprints, smudges or scratches)
7.50 USD

Tenjo Tenge vol.1
notes: perfect condition, everything is still there (sample manga, pencil board, etc)
20.00 USD


Prince of Tennis plush
note: this was given to me a while back, he's in great condition
10.00 USD


Unknown title (if you can tell me that would be great!)
Alphonse x Edward (FMA)
notes: given to me by a friend who didn't realize it was a BL doujin, plastic cover is missing
7.00 USD

Beloved: The little dog of an army
flying & Yu-ki Uehara
Roy x Edward (FMA)
notes: great condition, only wear is on the tips, plastic cover is missing

Red Angel
Haruka Kamimori
General (Final Fantasy 7)
Notes: Great condition, plastic cover is missing

English Manga

(Old) Peach Girl vol: 1& 6
notes: good condition, little wear
3.00 USD for one or 5.00 for both

Metamo Kiss vol. 1
notes: slight crease on back cover
5.00 USD

O-Parts Hunter vol.3
notes: new, bought but never read.
8.00 USD

Peach Girl: Change of Heart vol.5
Notes: Duplicate, Great Condition

Japanese Manga

Lovely Phantom (BL)
notes: read once, great condition
5.00 USD

Slayers Special vol.1
Notes: good condition, given to me by a friend
2.50 USD

Fushigi Yugi (Mysterious Play)Vol.3 (Full Version)
Notes: great condition, never read
5.00 USD

The Vision of Escaflone: Film book vol.1
Notes: Great condition
3.50 USD

Chinese Manga:

Peach Girl vol.17
Notes: great condition, little wear
2.50 USD

Pita-ten vol.8
Notes: Good condition, slightly bent cover
2.50 USD

Angel Dust Neo vol.1
Notes: great condition
3.50 USD


Gackt: Requiem et Reminiscence Tour Book
Notes: Great condition, cover is a little dirty but the pages are crisp, clean and perfect
20.00 USD

Tenchi Muyo Art Book Vol.2
Notes: Given to me, Great condition contains art from later episodes from the OVA
20.00 USD

Tenchi Muyo in Love Works
Notes: it's not actually a program but all the character designs and such for the movie. Lovely Condition
10.00 USD

Be Forever Yamato Artbook
Notes: given to me...even though I never heard of the series, I'd rather give it to a better home
Make me an Offer

Newtype: Newtyler
Notes: Japanese Newtype about Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Make me an Offer

Newtype feat. Macross Beat
Notes: given to me, Japanese version
Make me an Offer

Animate feat. Magical Knights Rayearth
Notes: Japanese Animate, given to me
Make me an offer

Random Anime Magazine feat. Ah Megmi-Sama/ Ah! My Goddess
Notes: given to me
make me an offer

Random Anime Magazine
Notes: another one given to me
make me an offer

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (PSP)
Notes: Great condition, used only once

Pokemon Yellow
Notes: Good condition, another duplicate I own
Price: 10.00 USD / OBO

Advance Wars
Notes: Good Condition
10.00 USD/ OBO

Pokemon Pikachu
Notes: I really didn't want to let this go, it's virtually an antique and I love Pikachu but I'm strapped for cash obviously
never opened from container, which has started to degrade because of all the years. Still never opened or used
35.00 USD/OBO

Full Metal Alchemist Mini Mouse Pad
Notes: Great Condition. Never used
5.00 USD

Tokyopop Gothic & Lolita Bible Spring '09
Wedding Edition
Notes: Brand new, never been read, patterns and pages untouched (I had accidentally received two copies)
20.00 USD

Emily the Strange 'Problem Child' Tee
Notes: Fits S-M, Lightly used. No damages
15.00 USD

Multicoloured Scarf
Notes: VERY long scarf, not to my taste so never worn
8.50 USD

Limited Edition Hazelnut Truffle Body Spray by Victoria's Secret
Notes: Limited Edition, Never been used.
15.00 USD
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